Top 10 Rodent Repellent Spray UK – Insect & Pest Repellent Spray Concentrates

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AMZ BRAND Premium Mouse Repellent Spray, Non Toxic, 250ml, Anti-Rat Peppermint Oil Spray for Indoor Use, Natural Mint Extract with Pleasant Scent, Free Fly Trap

AMZ BRAND - Let the mice and rats escape. We use castor oil and peppermint oil, our mouse spray is safe to use around kids and pets, which has an asphyxiating effect on rodents like mice and rats. How to use: first, clean up the rat droppings and the waste before using the spray.

After application of the spray, do not close the doors and windows. Effective rat and mouse repellent peppermint oil spray: our anti-rodent spray is a natural product that can help you keep rodents away naturally in just 1-2 weeks without causing any harm to anyone. The rodents are just trying to escape. It doesn’t mean that the product is not working. Shake the bottle well and rotate the marker above the nozzle on the bottle to SPRAY or STREAM. It is necessary to spray for 3 days in a row.

100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you will receive a full refund immediately. Within 1-2 weeks, you should see significant results. We recommend spraying 2-3 times a month as prevention. Natural ingredients non-toxic: because it is made with natural ingredients, with a pleasant smell while keeping rodents away. They need time to search for a new home as they will be irritated by the spray. Spray two times every 0
ManufacturerAMZ BRAND
Height6 cm (2.36 Inches)
Length17 cm (6.69 Inches)
Width6 cm (2.36 Inches)
Part NumberE4-SUG0-WQ1K

2. Crystal Opus

Chilli, Lemon, Citronella, Rat & All Rodent Repellent Spray. Peppermint Oil Based. Tried & Trusted. Including Eucalyptus, Lavender & Clove. Ultra-Effective Safe Deterrent., Makes 10+ litres of Mouse

Crystal Opus - It smells nice to us humans though : No harmful nasties and only completely natural ingredients. Our active ingredients are Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Humane, Lemon, Chilli, rats or any rodent. Brilliantly effective for home & garden - we use the most effective natural repellents combined in our unique formula.

Safe for children and animals. One 30ml bottle will give you a handy rodent repellent for ages & ages. Our long-lasting concentrated formula has been designed specifically with this in mind. Just dilute with tap water. Use indoor or Outdoor. 100% natural, non-harmful, lavender and clove essential oil. Use around the house, outbuildings and indeed everywhere you need to! Comparable to poisons or chemical based solutions in effectiveness, windows, in the office, doorways, in the garden, at picnics, in the car, walls, in outside sheds, your garage, lofts, but our repellent is more cost effective and less harmful.

Our product repels they don’t like it! and does not kill or mice, Citronella, Super Kind & Long Lasting - No chemicals and no killers. Repellents only work well with frequent use and by reapplying regularly. Shake well before use for best results.
BrandCrystal Opus
ManufacturerCrystal Opus
Part Numberrodentrepellent

3. RepellShield

A Peppermint Oil Mouse Repellent: Mice Repellent & Rat Repellent, Alternative to Mouse Traps, 250ml, RepellShield Mouse Repellent Spray & Rat Spray

RepellShield - Practical and easy to use - the practical and handy packaging for our peppermint oil mice repellent spray makes it convenient for use, simply spray our rodent repellent spray in the air or on the surfaces of objects you want to protect from rats and mice. The peppermint oil for rats is a natural alternative to electric mouse traps or inhumane mouse bait so that you can ensure that you're doing your bit for the ecosystem.

Mouse deterrent spray - our rat and mice repellent spray is an effective mouse deterrent & rat deterrent for your home, without killing them. However, make sure to spray carefully and not on sensitive items. Made in germany - all our products are manufactured, tested and packed in the heart of Germany. Rat repellent spray - our alternative to mouse and rat poisoning indoor boasts a completely pure, which repels rats and rodents, natural and organic formulation, a natural peppermint anti mouse spray thus protecting the eco-system and does not cause any adverse effects for you or your pets.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and are constantly improving our formulas to create the best quality products, without harming any animals in the process. Pet repellent spray - our alternative to mouse trap poison & mouse killer for indoors for home and gardens contains a unique formula is the quickest way to get rid of mice naturally and this peppermint spray for mice immediately while also providing the user, protection against future problems.
ManufacturerVivere GmbH

4. EFA International

EFA International Mouse Repellent Spray, Peppermint-Oil Based, Mice Repellent and Rodent Repellent, Peppermint Oil Rat Repellent, 750ml Peppermint Oil Spray

EFA International - Easy to use - 750ml size mouse prevention spray bottle provides a larger than average volume and therefore enables you to repel more Mice, more often and more efficiently. Natural peppermint essential oil based. Peppermint spray for rats can be a Rat Smell eliminator and Rat Repellent Spray can also be used as a room scent.

Repel rodents - peppermint oil rat repellent; an effective peppermint spray for Rats and Mice Repellent. Operated using trigger spray has on/off functionality and is intuitive to work with. Eco friendly - natural rat repellent made from peppermint-oil is non-toxic so will not damage your local ecosystem and food-chain; Mice stop spray is Wildlife and Pet friendly so is can be used as Rat Repellent Outdoor; PestSpray packaging is recyclable.

Mouse repellent spray is a non-lethal rodent Repellent Spray used instead of Mouse Traps and as alternative to Rat Bait, Rat Poison and Mouse Poisoning Indoor. Fresh mint - peppermint-oil based, peppermint oil mouse repellent is a natural mouse Spray with Menthol Peppermint Spray, smells great whilst acting as a pest repeller which keep rodents away. Manufactured - in uk exclusively for EFA International and packaged using UK recycled plastics.
BrandEFA International
ManufacturerEFA International
Height30 cm (11.81 Inches)
Length6.5 cm (2.56 Inches)
Width11 cm (4.33 Inches)

5. Crystal Opus

Makes 100+ Bottles of Spider, Flies, Insect & Rat Repellent Spray. Tried & Trusted. Ultra Effective Peppermint, Wasps & 100s More Pests, Mouse, Lavender & Citronella Blend. Natural Safe. Deter Rodents

Crystal Opus - 100% natural, lavender and citronella essential oil. Our active ingredients are Peppermint, insects or rodents. Use around the house, at picnics, your garage, cables, windows, doorways, in the car, in the office, on motion detectors/burglar alarms/CCTV cameras, cupboards, outbuildings and indeed everywhere you need to! Comparable to DEET and neem oil in effectiveness, in the garden, in outside sheds, but our repellent is more cost effective and less harmful.

For pests, fruit flies, harvest mite, furniture beetle, ants, dust mite, brown house moth, biscuit beetle, cockchafers, carpet beetle, cluster flies, daddy-Longlegs, lacewing, house moth, house fly, Flies, fur beetle, Green Bottles, Earwigs, Booklice, blow flies, Mice, crane fly, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, bees, cockroaches, hornet, Bluebottle, Bees, Wasps, Cheese Skipper, Crickets, Ground Beetles, moths, harvestmen spiders, Bugs, Gnats, Beetles, spiders, Rats, Aphids, Ladybirds…. It smells nice to us humans though : No harmful nasties and only completely natural ingredients. Safe for children and animals. Makess 100 bottles of spray! Brilliantly effective - we use the most effective natural repellents combined in our unique formula.

Our product repels they don’t like it! and does not kill or harm spiders, humane & super Kind - No chemicals and no killers. Amazing value & long lasting - one 20ml bottle will give you a handy spider, rodent and insect repellent for ages and ages. And…dormouse, worms, pharoah’s ants, snails, thrips, woodlice, silverfish, voles, mites, Stable Fly, Ticks, mealworm, Clegs, longhorn Beetle, slugs, Maggot, Larder Beetle, Midges, Shrews, Termites, mosquitoes, moles, Weevils, Horse Fly, Plaster Beetle, Yellow Swarming Fly and more. Always shake well before spraying for best results.
BrandCrystal Opus
ManufacturerCrystal Opus

6. Ratkil

Wires & Furniture | 6 Month Protection Against Rodent Damage Indoors & Outdoors, Ratkil Rat & Mouse Rodent Spray To Protect Wires, Cables & Appliances- 500ml | Rat Deterrent Spray Protects Cables

Ratkil - The spray deters them from returning and chewing through areas you don't want them to enter through. That's why as a company, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products available. A brand you can trust: ratkil rat and mouse rodent spray is produced by one of Europe's largest family owned manufacturers of pest control products.

Long lasting protection: an ideal product for domestic and agricultural buildings as well as machinery where rodents might bite through cabling and other materials. Effective rat & mouse repellent / deterrent: this product will repel rats and mice and rodents and will deter them from causing damage to your home. This is a specially formulated product that will provide protection for up to 6 months. Save yourself from expensive repairs: are you tired of rodents like rats and mice chewing through your cables, insulation, wires & damaging your appliances and machinery? Save yourself the expensive repairs & use our RatKil non-staining anti rodent spray to create a protective layer around your household goods.

What can you protect? our spray works as an anti-biting spray and will protect household furniture, indoor and outdoor surfaces, cables, machinery, fencing, wiring, garden materials, building and loft insulation, pipes and gutters and many more. Customer Satisfaction is very important.

7. Crystal Opus

Lavender & Citronella Unique Blend. Deterrent for Pest, Fly, Insect & Rat Repellent Spray. Effective, Wasp, Safe & Humane Peppermint, Mosquito, Rodent, Bug, Mouse, Moth, 2 Pack Spider, Ant & More.

Crystal Opus - Humane & super kind - our product repels they don’t like it! and does not kill or harm spiders, insects or rodents. Safe for children and animals. 100% natural, no chemicals & no killers - our active ingredients are peppermint, lavender and Citronella Essential Oil. Use around the house, garden, shed, motion detectors/burglar alarms/CCTV cameras, cables, car, outbuildings and indeed everywhere you need to! Comparable to DEET and neem oil in effectiveness, cupboards, but more cost effective and less harmful.

Handy & brilliantly effective - 400ml in two 200ml spray bottles for easy placement around the house, doorways, picnics, office, windows, garage, garage, sheds, etc. We use the most effective natural repellents combined in our unique formula. Water based. It smells nice to us humans though : No harmful nasties and only completely natural ingredients. Always shake well before spraying for best results. For pests, crane fly, daddy-longlegs, bugs, ground beetles, moths, bed bugs, aphids, bees, blow flies, fruit flies, dust mite, fur beetle, house moth, Cheese Skipper, Harvestmen Spiders, biscuit beetle, Cockroaches, crickets, mice, house fly, Bees, Green Bottles, Beetles, Ants, earwigs, Mosquitos, furniture beetle, Gnats, Hornet, Flies, Rats, Spiders, Carpet Beetle, Harvest Mite, Cockchafers, brown house moth, Bluebottle, Lacewing, Cluster Flies, booklice, Wasps, Ladybirds….

And…dormouse, ticks, weevils, worms, moles, silverfish, larder beetle, clegs, mealworm, snails, Stable Fly, Shrews, Voles, Horse Fly, Termites, midges, woodlice, maggot, longhorn beetle, Mites, Slugs, pharoah’s Ants, Thrips, Plaster Beetle, Mosquitoes, Yellow Swarming Fly and more.
BrandCrystal Opus
ManufacturerCrystal Opus

8. Crystal Opus

Mouse, Garden & Holiday., Lavender & Citronella Oil. Ultra-Effective & Safe Deterrent. Home, Insect & Rat Repellent Spray. Tried & Trusted Concentrated Blend of Peppermint, Makes 30+ Litres of Spider

Crystal Opus - Once full it will provide approximately 40 average sprays. Handy travel spray - we have included a 5ml spray bottle as a handy ‘quick spray’ option for specific places at home bedroom window for example or if you are out and about flies near your picnic hamper? . For pests, bees, booklice, carpet beetle, hornet, mosquitos, daddy-longlegs, harvestmen spiders, bees, biscuit beetle, crickets, mice, beetles, brown house Moth, Cheese Skipper, blow flies, bed bugs, Dust Mite, Wasps, fur beetle, Gnats, Ground Beetles, earwigs, Crane Fly, Lacewing, Ants, Bugs, Fruit Flies, House Fly, Cockroaches, Green Bottles, Aphids, house moth, spiders, furniture beetle, Cockchafers, Rats, Moths, cluster flies, Bluebottle, Flies, harvest mite, Ladybirds….

Always shake well before spraying for best results. Use around the house, in outside sheds, doorways, in the garden, in the office, outbuildings and indeed everywhere you need to! Comparable to DEET and neem oil in effectiveness, but our repellent is more cost effective and less harmful.

Our product repels they don’t like it! and does not kill or harm spiders, rodent and insect repellent for ages & ages. One drop of oil mixed with fresh water will do the trick! brilliantly effective for home, windows, on motion detectors, your garage, sensors, burglar alarms, in the car, cctv cameras, at picnics, Garden & Holidays - We use the most effective natural repellents combined in our unique formula. One 50ml bottle will give you a handy spider, Lavender and Citronella essential oil. Our active ingredients are peppermint, insects or rodents. 100% natural, humane, super kind & long lasting - no chemicals and no killers.
BrandCrystal Opus
ManufacturerCrystal Opus
Part Numberspiderinsectrodentrepellent

9. Karlsten

Karlsten Natural Rodent Spray Fast Effective Mice, Rat Repellent

Karlsten - If you are currently in an infestation spray heavy and often-. We are confident if you spray regularly you will not have small animal issues anymore or prevent the issue from ever starting in the first place. White or Black Trigger spray Included.

Indoor/outdoor use – for indoor applications use in attics, Trees, dust bins, garages houses, Furniture, shrubs, Foundations, Lawns, office space . Lasts 2-4 weeks - spray on heavy for your first application to soak all areas. Please clear pets from the room when treating the area. Satisfaction guaranteed, if you believe the product does not work we can accept a return no questions asked. Repels by smell & aroma not to be sprayed on directly on rodents.

Gets rid of and keeps away rats, mice, squirrel and Other Nuisance Pests. Make sure to spray under decks, openings around your home, and very heavy on your dust bins Also spray a 2’ foot circle perimeter around your trash cans or tiny cracks around your home After the animal is gone use every 2-6 weeks depending on rain conditions to naturally repel them for good. For outdoor applications Use On Plants,, Pool Houses and Sheds.

10. EcoValley

EcoValley Mouse And Rat Repellent Spray 500ML Humane Formula Mice Repellent Natural Alternative To Rat Killer Mouse Trap

EcoValley - Rodent repellent spray - our spray is the best alternative to rat and mouse killer spray, its a fast acting formula that will deter and repel mice and rats from your home inddors outdoors and your garden. Easy to use rat and mouse repellent - our special formula comes in a large 500ml bottle and is ready to use, simply spray were you have a mouse or rat problem and re apply if necassery. Strong fast acting rat and mouse repellent formula - Our natural formula made from essential oils is an ideal humane alternative to mice and rat traps and well as rat killer.
Height10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Length20 cm (7.87 Inches)
Width7 cm (2.76 Inches)
Part Number011071