Top 10 Yu Gi Oh Box UK – Dedicated Deck Card Games

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1. YU-GI-OH!

YU-GI-OH! King of Games Yugis Legendary Decks Holiday Box Set Gold

YU-GI-OH! - 41-card deck used by yugi as he battled The Pharaoh himself in thefinal Duel of the original series. 3 brand new secret rare cards: Electro magnetic Turtle, Dark Renewal, and Black Illusion. 41-card deck used by yugi in the first season of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! 41-card deck inspired by Yugi’s Duels in the Battle City. Plus much more! .
Height18 cm (7.09 Inches)
Length21 cm (8.27 Inches)
Weight0.2 kg (0.44 Pounds)
Width8 cm (3.15 Inches)
Part NumberFBA_13421

2. Yu Gi Oh!

Yu Gi Oh!, Lightning Overdrive Booster Box, English 24 packs each of 9 cards, 1st Edition

Yu Gi Oh! - Includes new cards for strategies introduced in Phantom Rage, Genesis Impact & Blazing Vortex. 1st edition - English. Also includes new monsters for older fan-favourite themes. One booster box containing 24 packs; each pack consists of 9 Cards 100 cards to collect - 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares and 10 Secret Rares. Includes more cards for the War Rock World Premiere theme introduced in Blazing Vortex.
BrandYu Gi Oh!
ManufacturerYu Gi Oh!
Height3.5 cm (1.38 Inches)
Length14.5 cm (5.71 Inches)
Width12.5 cm (4.92 Inches)
Part NumberLightning Overdrive

3. yu-gi-oh

Yu-Gi-Oh KONGIMP Genesis Impact Booster Display Box of 24 Packs

yu-gi-oh - Master three brand new deck strategies while keeping your eyes peeled for collector's rares in December's new 60 card booster set, Genesis Impact. Every effect monster in the theme is a 2000 ATK Machine, so it's easy to meet the requirements of whatever Ritual Monster you want to Summon.

Can't have our secret gettin' out, ya know see ya in december finally, flip the script on ritual summoning with a new theme that can Ritual Summon nearly every Ritual Monster in the game from your hand or Graveyard by Tributing Machine monsters whose ATK equal or exceed that monster's ATK. The levels don't have to match at all. We've restricted access to this section. Aleister, and link summoning, endymion you know their names, verre, xyz, but how well do you really know them Genesis Impact delves deep into the secret history of some of Dueling's most famous Spellcasters To get the full story you'll need to manage Fusion, synchro, all in the same deck.

Genesis impact follows the same rarity distribution and cards per pack contents as Toon Chaos, so be on the lookout for 15 collector's rares. Combine those two monsters' atk and Ritual Summon the 4000 ATK Ritual Monster to get yourself started.
Height3.5 cm (1.38 Inches)
Length14.5 cm (5.71 Inches)
Weight0.3 kg (0.67 Pounds)
Width12.5 cm (4.92 Inches)
Part NumberKONGIMP
Warranty2 Year

4. YU-GI-OH!

YU-GI-OH! YGO-LD2-EN Legendary Decks II Box Set

YU-GI-OH! - Dragon! 3 x 43-card decks. 3 brand-new Secret Rare cards. 3 ultra rare Token cards. 43-card deck based on kaiba and his legendary engine of destruction, Blue-Eyes White Dragon! 43-card deck based on Joey and his ferocious Red-Eyes B. 43-card deck based on Yugi and his unstoppable Exodia, the Forbidden One.
Height18 cm (7.09 Inches)
Length21 cm (8.27 Inches)
Weight0.2 kg (0.44 Pounds)
Width8 cm (3.15 Inches)
Part Number14199

5. yu-gi-oh

Yu-Gi-Oh KONPHRA Phantom Rage Booster Display Box of 24 Packs

yu-gi-oh - More cards to enhance strategies introduced in Rise of the Duelist! 17 world premiere cards, the most ever in a single booster set! The long awaited crossover between "U. A. And "F. A. New ritual, fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters!.
Height3.5 cm (1.38 Inches)
Length14.5 cm (5.71 Inches)
Weight0.36 kg (0.8 Pounds)
Width12.5 cm (4.92 Inches)
Part NumberKONPHRA

6. yu-gi-oh

Yu-gi-oh KONGST Gold Sarcophagus Tin 2019

yu-gi-oh - Features: 5 promo cards. The 2019 gold sarcophagus tin is fashioned after the iconic gold sarcophagus and is designed to reduce the amount of wear and tear sustained by the cards you keep in it, making it a stylish and efficient way to store cards that are important to you! Each tin will come with 5 Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards: 2 cards from a set of 6 new cards with art by Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 cards from a set of 5 cards from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, which includes the.

Each 16-card mega-pack has 12 commons, 1 super rare, each tin has 3 Mega-Packs of a specially crafted set featuring popular cards released in 2018, and 1 Prismatic Secret Rare. In addition, like danger!? tsuchinoko!?, knightmare mermaid, and called by the grave. One card prevents graveyard dumping, another punishes your opponent if they Summoned too many monsters, and the third gives you a reprieve if they set up a monstrously large field on their first turn.

All of the foil cards in these mega-packs appear in different rarities than their original 2018 release, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Rare, adding a further element of mystery and excitement to the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin!. 1 of 3 new world premiere cards designed to be usable in any deck, and help you stage a comeback against some of the fastest strategies that might come from your opponent. 3 mega packs per tin 16 cards per mega pack booster 12 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Prismatic Secret Rare.
Height7 cm (2.76 Inches)
Length18.5 cm (7.28 Inches)
Weight0.26 kg (0.57 Pounds)
Width10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Part NumberKONGST

7. Yu Gi Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh! KONDUPO Duel Power- Multi

Yu Gi Oh - Yu-gi-oh! trading card game duel power celebrates Spring 2019. 40 brand-new cards. All cards are Ultra Rare. Features: 5 cards per booster pack.
BrandYu Gi Oh
Height5.1 cm (2.01 Inches)
Length27.1 cm (10.67 Inches)
Weight0.52 kg (1.15 Pounds)
Width16.4 cm (6.46 Inches)
Part NumberKONDUPO

8. YU-GI-OH!

Display 24 Envelopes ITA, 1st Edition, YU-GI-OH! Antichi Guardiani

YU-GI-OH! - Age: 6+ years. Publisher: konami Digital Entertainment B. V. Language: Italian. Product group: yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The set includes classic cards for Pendulum strategies such as: Pendulum Luster, Dracokiller and Firefighter Prominence, Dracokiller Explosive.

Contents of each display: 24 envelopes of 7 cards each 1 Foil Card, 6 Rare Cards. Yu-gi-oh! ancient guardians includes hard-to-find cards that will allow you to have more monsters in your Graveyard that you can throw at your opponent. Yu-gi-oh! ancient guardians dig up new monsters coming in spring 2021! The complete 60-card set introduces three new strategies and cards to boost existing ones. Beware of the pendulum value of your monsters and maximize Pendulum sums. Like yu-gi-oh! chaos toon and yu-gi-oh! Impact Origins 15 cards in the set will be Collector's Rare.
Height5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Width10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Part Number179625

9. Konami

32.7cm x 20cm x 31cm, Konami Men's Yu-Gi-Oh. -Duel Devastator, Multi

Konami - A new 6th ultra rare monster with a similar style, that has 2 Special summoning abilities. 30 more ultra rare cards that work great in your side deck. Department: Men's. Variant ultra Rare artwork versions of select cards.
Height13.89 cm (5.47 Inches)
Length10.01 cm (3.94 Inches)
Weight0.4 kg (0.88 Pounds)
Width23.5 cm (9.25 Inches)
Part Number2AFE19E2AD

10. YU-GI-OH!

Obelisk & Ra Deck Box, Multi, YU-GI-OH! KONSORDB Slifer

YU-GI-OH! - Features Legendary Egyptian God artwork. High quality, acid free materials. Also includes a divider to organise your decks.
Height8.5 cm (3.35 Inches)
Length29.5 cm (11.61 Inches)
Width29.5 cm (11.61 Inches)
Part NumberYGO-J21Box